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D Day Celebrations at the Rock Point Inn Lyme Regis D Day Celebrations at the Rock Point Inn Lyme Regis The Rock Point Inn Lyme Regis The back of the Rock Point Inn Lyme Regis Cobb Gate Square Lyme Regis The Rock Point Inn Lyme Regis The Rock Point Inn Lyme Regis The Rock Point Inn Lyme Regis

The Rock Point Inn

Situated in the heart of Lyme Regis our historic Inn is the only Inn to be sited by a river mouth (the Lym) and the estuary of the sea. It has even been copied in Thames Town, Shanghai, sited by the banks of the Yangste river.

We offer high standard accomodation which has recently been refurbished. With superb views overlooking Lyme Bay which now has World Heritage Status. There is no feeling to match that of being in the heart of an historic town with a world renown reputation and excellent shopping delights on your doorstep.

The Inn has a long history and has been under the same management for more than a quarter of a century. Today it offers a large, welcoming single bar, with two sun decks overlooking the bay with panoramic views of the ancient Cobb. We offer an exceptional selection of Real Ales, beers and fine wine. Our food is freshly prepared with fresh fish being our speciality. There's no feeling to match that of being at an historic vantage point in the centre of a world renown town.

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History of Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis and the Cobb

The first written record of Lyme Regis was in 774AD when the West Saxon King Cynewulf gave the land along the river Lym to the monks of Sherborne Abbey, to establish a sea salt manufacturing industry. However man had inhabited this area for thousands of years. The Iron Age forts of Pilsdon Pen, Lamberts Castle, Blackberry Castle and Coney Castle lend testament to those early ancestors.

The town was known by the Romans as "Lym Supra Mare". A Roman Villa has been found at the nearby village of Harcombe. Lyme takes its name from the river Lym; Lym meaning a torrent of water.

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Todays Date

Tuesday, 22, January, 2019


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The Rock Point Inn has been recognised by CAMRA as the Number 1 bar in West Dorset and East Devon.

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Free Parking

Secure parking when available is located just up the hill from the Inn - free of charge.

Wireless Internet

wireless internet is available throughout the The Rock Point Inn Lyme Regis

At The Rock Point Inn we have wireless internet throughout the pub, and in every single one of our rooms.

Lyme Regis

There are so many things to see and do in Lyme Regis, you just have to know where to look. Visit our page about Lyme Regis or follow some of our useful links at the bottom of every page.

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"Beautiful Location and Great Beer!"

- Mrs G, Sussex


At the Rock Point Inn we love dogs, and they are allowed on the premises, but unfortunately we regret that we cannot allow them to stay the night in our rooms. Many apologies.

- Gail Caddy

Radio Feature

DJ Mark Anthony's MUSICANA: The Musical Carousel show. The following audio clip is taken from an interview with Mark Anthony and The Rock Point Inn Propreitor Gail Caddy about Guitars on the Beach and Lyme Regis.

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